Below for Xbox One Gets New Information at GDC 2014

The Game Developers Conference 2014 has brought forth quite a bagful of surprises for the gaming industry already and still information keeps pouring in. What we have at hand right now is new details about the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Below.

The game is being developed by Capybara Games and published by Microsoft Studios themselves, but up until recently both of them didn’t really give away much about the game itself – apart from the E3 trailer from last year of course.

Capybara Games’ president Nathan Vella was interviewed at GDC 2014 recently and two of their upcoming titles namely Super Time Force and Below.

While discussing Below, he revealed that the game will be more about survival, exploration and secret than anything else; and that all the fun will go down inside a living terrarium – wait what? A living container for real?

Moving on, he shared how the character that the player will control is going to be a tiny little thing that albeit vulnerable, is going to be quite dexterous. I am assuming swift moves that we will have to make in order to avoid dying at the hands of heavy monsters.

In fact, my guess was later verified when Vella discussed how the character’s vulnerability would be so high that he would be only a stroke away from death – or a false move away. To top that up, he said that every life you lose will cost you heavily as every life will matter.

Though there was one upside to it too, that is, if you die once you will be brought back to live exactly where you died. This means that everything you managed to do before dying will remain intact, including the door that you opened.

As you might have guessed already, Below for Xbox One is not going to be easy; it will challenge you, it will make the going tough and it won’t let you do it right with the first attempt.

Sadly, the game still doesn’t have a release date but we shall keep you updated on that front.