Mobile Free-to-Play World of Tanks Blitz Gets Beta

Along with its Grand Finals announcement earlier this week, Wargaming also revealed an upcoming Closed Beta for World of Tanks Blitz. This is the mobile device offshoot of its normal free-to-play title.

Combat in World of Tanks Blitz works just like the real thing. There are a bunch of vehicles speeding through a map, blasting at each other.

Matches will allow for two teams of seven players each to compete. There are over 80 units to choose from in total, across regions like the US, Germany and USSR.

In World of Tanks Blitz, there will be seven environments to start with. This includes the Mines map from the original release.

For the Closed Beta test, the only language supported will be English. More importantly, the first stages will only be open to iPad 2, 3, 4, mini, air and mini with retina display.

Don’t worry if you’re an Android fanatic though, as World of Tanks Blitz has already been announced to be supported on the platform. You can likely expect a Beta for that at a later date.

Just like the rest of Wargaming’s stable, this mobile iteration will be free-to-play. In the trailer that comes with the announcement, we can see some gameplay in miniature format.

As far as compromises go, World of Tanks Blitz looks at least comparable to the main branch from afar. Sure, up close there are some more angular textures, explosions are less impressive and there’s a bit less shading, but that’s all just refinement. It will likely still look aces on a small screen.

Registrations for the World of Tanks Blitz Closed Beta test are open now.