Upcoming PlayStation 4 Update to Add Rich Video Editor and HDCP Off Option

There is a long list of features demanded by Sony consumers for the new PlayStation 4. Some of these were expected to be brought along quickly post launch and some were thought to be added later down in the coming months.

It’s almost four months since the PlayStation 4 was released and consumers are getting riled up in anticipating some of the demanded features being added in every PlayStation 4 update.

To clear the matter at hand and inform its consumer base of their future plans, Sony today announced that it will be “bringing some of your most-requested features to PS4 with a system software update in the upcoming weeks.”

No dates were mentioned and it’s highly likely that the first update goes live early next month instead of the end of this one.

The first update will add a “rich” video editor that will allow users to edit and personalize their video clips. These videos and screenshots taken can be either exported or saved to a USB drive by pressing the SHARE button. Additionally this update will add an HDCP off option to capture gameplay via HDMI instead. Sony noted that they had originally promised to release this feature after launch but unfortunately it took this long for them to deliver.

At the end of the announcement the company said that there are plenty of other features that will be included in the update but these will be detailed later. It lastly highlighted a separate system software update that will be released in the future. This will enable Twitch broadcasts to be archived and shown with a higher resolution of 720p.

Source PlayStation Blog