Stig Asmussen, God of War 3 Creative Director Leaves Santa Monica Studios

The developer of one of the most popular franchise God of War, ‘Stig Asmussen’ has left the Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica Studio. An SCEA representative confirmed the news in a report by IGN.

The statement reads:

SCEA can confirm that Stig Asmussen is no longer with Santa Monica Studio

Stig Asmussen started working at the studio in 2003 where he worked as an environment artist on God of War, then as the art director on God of War II and finally as the creative director on the God of War III.

However, he didn’t contribute in the development of the most recent title by the Santa Monica Studio God of War: Ascension.

He supposedly was working on a completely new project that had nothing to do with the God of War franchise but it was canceled due to the layoffs at the studio just a few weeks ago.

Instead of Stig, God of War: Ascension was directed by Todd Papy who has also left Sony Entertainment to join Crytek Studios.

Moreover, there is no news on whether Stig was let go with the round of layoffs or he departed on his own. The recent report suggests that Stig is interviewing at Several Studios to find a perfect fit for himself.

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