Project Spark Gets Additional Upload Slots, Spark Time Removed

Team Dakota has been lending an ear to whatever the community had to say about Project Spark. Based on the feedback that they have received, certain elements of the game have been altered.

Most importantly, additional upload slots have been added while Spark Time has been removed from the game.

Some of you might not be happy about the Spark Time being removed as there are people who acquired Spark Power, specifically for the Spark Time bonus.

To make sure that people like those are not left deserted, the developers have announced that they will be transferring 24,000 credits to everyone who has acquired 30 days of Spark Power in the last 30 days.

Along with this, you will also be given XP and Credit bonuses continuously for as long as the Spark Power time doesn’t run out.

As far as the additional upload slots are concerned, Team Dakota has said that the loyal creators in Project Spark have been creating content more than the upload slots that they have.

The Spark Power (now called Spark Premium) will now bring you additional slots in the following order:

  • Two (2)permanent additional upload slots with purchase of 3 months of Spark Premium.
  • Five (5) permanent additional upload slots with purchase of 6 months of Spark Premium.
  • Twelve (12) permanent additional upload slots with purchase of 12 months of Spark Premium.

This comes in addition to the changes in previous Upload Slots: new users, the ones that join after March 18, will get three free slots while the beta testers from closed beta session will retain their five free slots.

There are other details as well, like the shift from Spark Power to Spark Premium as well as the reduction in its price. Read up on them here.

I think it’s a good idea to add additional upload slots in Project Spark. Don’t you think?