Pre-orders for Improved Oculus Rift Dev Kit Opened

An all new improved and refined version of Oculus Rift’s development kit called DK2 is now available for pre-orders. Priced at $350, the units are expected to ship in July.

This is still no where near the final commercial version of the product but is a significant step towards reaching that. Interestingly this is also the last developer kit before the company announces the long-awaited consumer version of the VR head set.

“We’ve had some huge breakthroughs in the last year, trying to find what VR needs to be for consumers to accept as something that’s really good. DK2 isn’t quite that, but it has all the core features that the core product has,” Oculus’ Palmer Luckey told Eurogamer.

The latest DK2 version features a 1080p display, as well as the Crystal Cove camera which impressed everyone at CES this January. The camera improves the quality of head-tracking and with the entire kit is also significantly lighter than its previous units.

“The resolution will go up, the weight will go down, latency will go down. But the important thing is we need to ship now, because of things like low persistence, we’re confident in what we need to ship, and we’re able to start moving towards actually making it.”

The company labelled the DK2 as being “around the 70 percent mark” in terms of how close they are to releasing a commercial version. While their next release is said to be one which the normal folks can use, there’s a slight chance that we see a DK3 before we see the product in the market.