PayDay 2: Election Day DLC Detailed – New Pistol, Skill Changes and More

PAYDAY 2 – The Co-Op Heist Shooter is getting a free heist titled Election Day. Players take this contract from the corrupt politician who goes by the name “The Elephant”.

This update introduces a free pistol called the “Chimano Custom” pistol, skill changes, a big stealth update and new assets such as The Spotter, which helps to spot guards, and the Body Bags that let you share……wait for it……. body bags.

In addition to that, Payday 2 is getting a franchise sale from March 20 to March 24. Payday 2 and the DLCs will be going for 66% off, while the original game slashes the price off by 80%!


  • All-New, Free Heist – Heisters must help The Elephant get his man Bob McKendrick into the mayor’s office by locating the voting machines. They then need to hack the machines to swing the vote without bringing any suspicion on The Elephant.
  • Free Pistol – The Chimano Custom pistol is added for free to anyone who joins the Official PAYDAY 2 community group on Steam.
  • Big Stealth Update – Thanks to the PAYDAY community’s continued feedback and support, changes to the stealth gameplay are introduced to improve it further.
  • Skill Changes – Skill changes have been made to improve stealth gameplay, such as the introduction of the Camera Loop skill in the Ghost tree.
  • New Asset Types –The Spotter helps spot those pesky guards and Body Bags lets players share the bags.
  • 10 New Unlockables – There are now 10 new achievements to unlock.

This new upcoming free DLC is the newest addition to the string of DLC Heists that the developers have been handing out, including updates which have introduced new game difficulties – like the Death Wish Update. These updates have brought about loads of new content, including new masks, weapons and achievements.

Payday 2 is a four player Co-Op game that lets players don the masks of the original Payday crew, Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains – as they descend on Washington DC for an epic crime spree.

Players can perform plenty of heists focusing on things from mere convenience stores – to mighty bank vaults. The objective of the game, is, of course making a terrific crew with plenty of awesome weapons and a ton of money.

The free DLC – Payday 2: Election day releases tomorrow on steam, the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

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