Papo & Yo Devs Announce Their Next Project “Cali”

Minority Media, the developers of a great puzzle and an incredible narrative game Papo and Yo have announced their next project. In a panel at the GDC 2014, the developers announced their next game “Cali” which is a tragic love story between a kid and an AI avatar.

The game has been financed by Canada Media fund, which contributed a total of $676,282 to the project. The fund’s official website describes the game as:

Set in an advanced civilization long before the Conquistadors arrived in the Amazon, Cali is an adventure game developed for iOS, Android and the Cloud.

It tells the story of Massi, a teenager caught up with his peers for the Sacred Rite, a centuries-old tradition that sends the strongest adolescent boys to the Second Sun.

In a tragic mix of circumstances, Massi is separated from the group. As Massi, players will navigate to the Second Sun with the help of Cali, a beautiful and mysterious creature called a pixan, with features of both a majestic butterfly and shy human girl.

And while Cali is the secret to Massi’s future success, there is a deadly reason why she cannot, or will not, help

Minority Media is also working on another game called Silent Enemy, which is inspired by the developers’ childhood experiences where they were bullied by the children. The game is based in an endless winter where the protagonist quests to find the spring time.

No official release date has been given of Cali, but the Silent Enemy is scheduled to release this spring.

What do you think of the premise of Cali? Is it interesting? Let us know!

Source: Game informer