All-in-One Indie Game Concursion Now On Steam Greenlight

Indie project Concursion can now be found on Steam Greenlight, as it seeks approval to be put on the storefront. As previously reported, it’s a game that mixes five genres into one seamless whole.

In Concursion, a side-scrolling adventure can take many forms. To form its game, it switches between platformers, shooters, beat-‘em-ups, racing and puzzles, depending on the mood.

Gameplay is dictated by what its confinement looks like. Players enter a certain area, which indicates any of the five genres used.

There’s a new Greenlight trailer for Concursion that illustrates this point. Action goes from a standard platform adventure, until the character enters a bubble, which holds within it a shooter.

It looks like things will even get a lot more creative from there. Further footage shows boss fights that will use different elements from other games as well.



Moreover, the dynamic can employ some locally confined universes as well, such as singular enemies vacuumed in their own little world, within the other genre.

It sounds a bit complex, which it likely will be in later elements, but the basic idea comes across well in the trailer at least. From a technical standpoint more than anything, Concursion looks like a truly unique game.

We played around with it a little and so far. The visuals are a bit simplistic and the controls are just a little too loose for what it wants to accomplish in more hectic stages, but the gameplay itself is easy to learn. It’s bound to grow over the course of this year.

Concursion will release for PC somewhere in 2014.