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New Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Screensshots show Teleportation & Villagers

The ever teasing Twitter profile of 4J Studios has been really active ever since the talks of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition and it’s upcoming Update 14 were ignited online. Couple of days ago they enticingly tweeted that “we got two new Minecraft plushies today! We should post a picture of them.”

Surely this was followed by another tweet where they showed two Minecraft plushies perched atop two screens. Now the plushies are real cute but if you take a closer look at the screen behind them, there surely was something new.

First off, the screen on top shows a sentence written on it that reads:

“[name] teleported you to their position.”

Yes, the screenshot is from Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition and that is exactly what it reads!

Moving on, the other image shows you what looks like villages that are in a place where they couldn’t be expected, but hey who cares! They are still an addition to the game.

The Twitter profile of 4J Studios has been teasing things in the past too. For instance, recently they shared another tweet revealing that the Update 14 for PS3 will let the users play as Nathan Drake from the famous Uncharted series.

In another tweet, they have announced that they were currently working on the bugs related to the Update 14 and that the list of bugs was getting shorter day by day. Hopefully we wont have to wait for too long before the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edtion Update 14 is released.