Infamous: Second Son DLC Will be Much Like Festival of Blood

Like all games Infamous: Second Son will also have its fair share of downloadable content packs. For those interested in knowing whether they should opt for a Season’s Pass (if there will be) or not, Infamous: Second Son’s post-launch DLC will be much like the old “Festival of Blood.”

Speaking with Eurogamer, Game Director Nate Fox revealed that ““you should think of it in the same kind of scope as our old Festival of Blood.”

The Festival of Blood DLC for the last Infamous was a Halloween themed pack where the city was infested by vampires. Cole himself was also turned into a creature of the night and in the standalone adventure, players came to use new vampiric abilities for his new nature.

It’s unlikely that Delsin will be turned into a vampire as well but we can expect a similar entertaining standalone adventure pack for Infamous: Second Son.

On being asked how things have changed for Sucker Punch after being acquired by Sony, Fox was all praise.

“One thing that makes Sony successful,” he said, “in dealing with first-party developers, and why they tend to produce good games, is because they give developers a lot of rope, a lot of freedom, and they trust them. The same trust we had when we were independent we have now that we’re owned by them.”

Infamous: Second Son releases in two days for the PlayStation 4. It’ll be interesting to see if the highly anticipated tile lives up to its hype and goes on par with Titanfall in terms of sales.