Indie Game ‘Abyss’ On Nintendo Wii U Shows Gameplay

Independent developer EnjoyUp Games has released a trailer for its upcoming game called Abyss for Nintendo Wii U. In it, we get to see some of the gameplay in the game.

In Abyss, you’ll take control a mechanical robot that plunges itself into the dark to recover energy sources. To guide your path, you’ll get a light affixed atop your character.

Time with this light is limited. Gradually, as you explore the darkness, the glimmer will start fading.

There are 12 missions to go on, plus 8 in Dark Mode. In each, you’ll maneuver through side-scrolling corridors by counteracting balance through physics.

Aside from a singleplayer mode, Abyss also features two-player mode, which is also seen in the trailer. One person will be able to control a robot on the screen, while another can take charge of the Wii U GamePad.

In addition, the GamePad will also allow for Off-TV Mode, so you can keep playing without the big screen.

Like many smaller titles from EnoyUp Games, you can expect Abyss to only cost a few bucks upon release. Previously, they released games like Darts Up 3D.

Along with developing games, the company also publishes a few notable projects. For instance, they’re responsible for Unepic and La-Mulana on Nintendo platforms.

Don’t confuse Abyss with Abyss Odyssey from ACE Team, by the way. That’s an entirely different thing.