Halo 5 Release Date Hinted By Walmart

The release date for the tentatively titled Xbox Exclusive, Halo 5 might have been released by Walmart. According to a report from Gamer Headlines, Walmart released two possible launch date scenarios for upcoming Xbox One exclusive first-person-shooter.

The first listed release date for Halo 5 was 1st October. However, this must be taken with a grain of salt as most video games release on a Tuesday, while this date pitched the game as being released on a Wednesday.

This listing might possibly be a sketchy placeholder that serves as an approximation. The comments from the project page are listed below:

Preorder this item today and it should ship on 10/01/2014.

On the description portion of the same page, the seller has listed that the latest title from the critically acclaimed Halo franchise may be coming out in the last month of 2014.

More details were hinted by Walmart as to the game’s details being revealed in the near future. The product description asked users to check back soon as more information on the title would be released:

Halo 5, a Microsoft console exclusive, is a pre-release general shooter game to be released in December of 2014. More information is on the way! Check back soon!

Microsoft has previously hinted that 2014’s E3 might be the time and place when more information about this AAA title is released.

The E3 convention takes place in June. However, a recent leak by an insider suggested that Halo 5 might not be released this year.

The sequel might be delayed to 2015 to make room for Halo 2: Anniversary coming out this year for the Xbox One. This remastered port might be accompanied with a beta invite for the new upcoming game.

However, the Official Xbox Magazine Website seems pretty intent on the game being released this year, so Halo 5 fans should keep their fingers crossed as they wait for the new title to come out.

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