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EA Once More Nominated For Worst Company In America

An article in the Consumerist revealed that EA once more will be flagged as a reluctant participant in the Worst Company in America championship. It’s a weird title to go for, but at least the company has shown that they’re always in it to win it.

EA has taken home the trophy three times already, which is sort of impressive given their competition. Giants like funds-freezing PayPal, money-grubbing Bank of America or even the Blackfish demons of SeaWorld are some of the peers in this contest.

Voting will take place somewhere today on the Consumerist homepage. Each bracket will last only a few hours at first, so get your potshots in when you can.

Still, in a glimmer of light, EA is up against some tough competition right out the gate, which might jump the gun on the internet tirade. Its first round is against Time Warner Cable, which is probably one of the most hated internet service providers right now.

In the opposing lane, Microsoft will be represented as well, though more as a general company rather than its focused gaming branch. That would be weird, given its recent accolades.

Last month, Microsoft actually won a Product of the Year award for Xbox One. That’s not enough to raise it above scrutiny though.

We’ll list some good things EA has done this past year to perhaps sway your vote. They were highly praised for their LGBT Equality policies, they took SimCity offline and they released Titanfall. You can probably find some more.

Is EA really the worst company in America when it comes to games? Is there no one above their tyranny? Let us know in the comments.