Watch Dota 2 Free to Play Documentary Online, Join Twitch Viewing Party

As announced by Valve last month, Dota 2 Free to Play documentary will go live today.

In order to facilitate the fans that have been waiting to see it since last year, Valve and Twitch are holding a ‘Twitch Viewing Party.

For everyone who is interested, the official channel of Twitch will be airing the documentary in a couple of hours from now. You better be in front of your screens at 9 AM PDT.

If you don’t know where to find the official Twitch channel, click here.

Twitch and Valve have come together to present a unique online viewing party for the highly anticipated documentary Free to Play, which follows three professional gamers in their pursuit of the first Dota 2 International Championship.

Tune in to the official Twitch channel starting on March 19th at 9AM PDT or 17:00 CET, and running throughout the day (~12 hours) to join the chat room and catch the documentary aired LIVE in front of a digital audience of thousands of Dota 2 fans!

After streaming for the Dota 2 documentary is over, you will get a chance to view the Q&A session that was held yesterday with the representatives from Valve that have worked on Free to Play. The Q&A session had taken place at the press screening of Dota 2 documentary in San Francisco.

Interested in the Dota 2 documentary? Here’s a countdown timer dedicated to Free to Play, keep watch!