Deep Down Gameplay Video Shows Dungeons, Monsters, Weapons, Traps & More

Most of us might have had a busy morning with all the rage about Project Morpheus being announced. However, Capcom has had other things to do; the developer has released a brand new Deep Down gameplay video.

In the five minute long video, producer Yoshinori Ono narrates some of the gameplay elements. While you are at it, the video will also take you into a dungeon that is filled with traps all over.

You get acquainted with some of the monsters and get to see how some of the weapons in the game will function. Quite a lot of the features shown in the video are never seen before.

The upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title is going to be a dungeon crawler styled role playing game that takes you 80 years into the future and then back to the past. There are going to be elements of teleportation whereby you use magical artifacts for moving back and forth in time.

When you go into the past, you will be faced with monsters that you can either fight or stay away from as you look for treasure. It’s the good old treasure hunt that you dreamed of!

Check out the Deep Down gameplay video above and tell us if the quality of the game will make you forget the fact that it has no female characters.