Watch Dogs Video Shows How Middleware Effects Environments & AI

A couple of days ago a French gaming channel named Absolute Gaming posted a new Watch Dogs video where the game’s developers are explaining their choices as well as other elements that are used to make the game appear the way it is.

You see how the different middleware software is being used to monitor the games’ weather and other similar elements.

Although the video is in French, and many of us (including me) might not be able to get what exactly is being said, but the YouTube video has a translated summary of whatever is being said.

In the new Watch Dogs video, certain members of the Ubisoft team, including Olivier Gueydon, Cyril Masquilliere and others detail how middleware, a small software that manages certain parameters of the game individually, is being used to manage features of the game.

First off, the weather middleware is explained along with how it affects the behavior of the AI; we already know that the AI of Watch Dogs will take steps like sheltering from the rain and so on.

The video shows an extensive detail of the aspects that the middleware can control and this goes down to tiny things like leaves on the ground.

Then there is the wind middleware (see the colored arrows on the floor in the video), that has different effects on different areas and things, including clothes, objects and whatnot.

There is a special middleware that controls collisions; the video shows how the driving will be radically different depending on what weather it is i.e. whether the road is dry or wet.

Check out the new Watch Dogs video and tell us what you think of it. Oh and do comment on the visual quality of the game too.