Unity 5 Announced; Features Better Lighting and Better Audio

Earlier today at Game Developers Conference 2014, Unity Technologies announced the next major release of their multiplatform game engine, called Unity 5.

Compared to the current and soon to be previous Unity 4, Unity 5 is said to bring massive improvements. According to the announcement, Unity 5 will overhaul the game’s audio toolset, deliver upgraded lighting and bring a physically based shader system.

It now comes with 64-bit support, as well as support for WebGL. Other new features for Unity 5 include Geomerics Enlighten, PowerVR raytraced lightmap previews and Unity Cloud ad-sharing network which allows “mobile game developers to run full-screen interstitial ads in their mobile games, as well as exchange ad units with other Unity developers.”

In its announcement, Helgason of Unity compared Unity 5 with other more prominent game engines such as Crytek’s CryEngine and Epic’s Unreal Engine. Helgason stated that Unity’s 3D graphics are more functional than Epic’s Unreal ENgine 3, and with the new features it will approach the quality of Unreal Engine 4.

The last full version, Unity 4, launched back in November of 2012. Interested developers can go ahead and pre-order Unity 5 tomorrow from Unity Technologies.

Source Unity 5