SimCity Offline Mode Comes Out Today as Update 10 Starts Rolling Out

It is not often when you hear that the servers of a certain game are down and you actually like the news. I am not saying that because I don’t like SimCity, but because the servers are currently down for maintenance that will load the Update 10 to the game. In other words, SimCity offline mode is rolling out as we speak!

Kudos Folks!

Maxis, the developers of the city builder posted to the official forums of Electronic Arts saying that the servers will be down today for the release of the highly anticipated SimCity offline mode.

Today at 6am PDT we will be releasing Update 10 with Offline play. This involves server down time and the game servers will be unavailable for a few hours.

The servers went offline two hours ago and around one hour ago, the post was updated to report that EA’s Quality Assurance team was on to the Update 10 for checks on the update at large along with the servers and the offline gameplay feature.

In case you wish to keep a track of what is happening and when exactly the SimCity offline mode will go live, keep checking this page for updates.

The developer has also put up an FAQ section dedicated to the SimCity offline mode where they have explained that the only need of an internet connection would be to download the free update before you can play it whenever and wherever you like.

As far as the features of the singleplayer mode are concerned, they were detailed in FAQ section as follows:

Single-Player Mode allows for a multi-city Single-Player experience without requiring an internet connection. All region maps are available in Single-Player Mode. Since Single-Player Mode does not require a persistent internet connection, Leaderboards, Citylog, Achievements, Friends List, Player Profile, the Region Wall, and region invites are not available in Single-Player Mode. The Global Market will be available in Single-Player Mode, but prices will be fixed.

I bet you are happy that the always online hassle will not be bothering you any more, are you glad about the SimCity offline mode?