Savant Ascent is Another Indie Announcement for the PS4

The week’s not even over and we already have had over half a dozen indie titles announced for the PlayStation 4. Today is going to follow suit with Savant Ascent, a title from D-Pad Studio that is based on music and style and is about “robot infested towers, magic missiles, and claiming ultimate power.”

Announcing on the PlayStation Blog, Jo-Remi Madsen from D-Pad Studio pointed out that Savant is actually the name of a real life electronic musician and in the game he appears as he does on Savant’s 5th album cover which was designed by the studio’s art director, Simon S. Anderson.

Jo also pointed out that while the game revolves around music, the studio’s main focus was ‘not’ to release something “resembling Guitar Hero or Rock Band, or any other synced beat tapper.”

“Subtle elements were added, to let the game live through the music — like enemies dancing to the beat, menu elements shaking on bass drops — and let Savant seem like this would be the kind of music he’d listen to as he set out on a robot-demolishing rampage,” he added.

Savant’s music plays a key role here. Each track playing in the background also changes the gameplay and players can choose to change tracks at any time. Each new track with a new tempo will ask players to try new ways to defeat the incoming robots. Additional tracks can be unlocked as well, with many more from Savant’s albums being incorporated into the game in the future.

Source PlayStation Blog