Respawn is Banning Titanfall Cheaters

Like all shooters, Titanfall, the FPS Mech Shooter is a breeding ground where cheaters love to gather. With things like AimBots and Wallhacks in place by those who wish to ruin the game for others, the devs have started stepping in.

Raspawn has begun issuing bans to all those who find it convenient to mess with the game for the sake of enhancing their own experience at the cost of others’.

Developer Jon Shiring from Respawn Entertainment – the company that developed Titanfall took to Twitter to explain that anti-cheat detection measures have been active since the launch of the game.

Respawn claimed, early March that it would start rooting out cheaters in the game very soon. “Finding cheaters in Titanfall? So are we. We’re logging them now and they will be rooted out shortly.”

This has culminated in their recent implementation of their initial proposal as it seems like bans are in fact being handed out to players.

Hopefully, the initiative being taken by the devs will result in a better game environment for everyone playing the game.

Because these cheaters who ruin the game for others who spend valuable money on it, to enjoy it, and not be unfairly ousted in combat deserve that to be banned.

In other news, Titanfall resulted in Xbox One sales increasing by 96% last week. Excited about this news? Hate cheaters? Voice out your thoughts in the comments below!