Project Spark Beta Available for Everyone on Xbox One – It’s an Open Beta Now

The much awaited Project Spark Beta is now live for everyone with an Xbox One, even those without Gold subscriptions. Now everyone with the Xbox One can enjoy making a game, and with the video reveal above, it seems as if these game projects are going to be spectacular.

Major Nelson mentioned in a blog post that in some cases users in the beta key queue will have to press the ‘Request Beta Key’ button and then exit and relaunch the game to get in for the first time.

The Beta also allows users to access an games made in the Windows 8.1 beta, which has been around since December, paving the way forth for the creation of some awesome looking games. The same creation can be worked on across the Xbox One, the PC and Xbox 360s, allowing everyone to join in. The bad news is, that Xbox 360 users won’t get access to the beta, and they’ll have to wait for the full release which is going to happen later this year.

Project Spark seems like one of the most exciting things to have come around in a long time. The video preview shown above, showcases several video games, which includes 2d, 2.5d and 3d creations, along with things that look like minecraft clones and tower defence games and a ton of stuff that users can make. The art assets and the visual quality also looks terrific, which is pretty damn awesome. The myriad of genres and types of games that the video showcases are outstanding, and this looks to be a helluva game creation tool. One can only wonder what creations the community will spawn.

Excited about Project Spark? Trying out the Beta? Voice out your thoughts in the comments section below.