Playstation 4 System Update 1.62 Released, Tweaks Performance and Fixes Bugs

Sony Computer entertainment has released a new update, titled 1.62 for the Playstation 4, and it’s size is 336MB.

The Patch Notes for the update are pretty self explanatory, and rather disappointing:

Operation quality during use of some PlayStation 4 software has been improved.

For all of you who turned on their Playstations 4 and expected that something new would be introduced through the update, prepare to be disappointed.

The update changes stuff under the hood, and there are no official patch notes available for the update as of yet.

An implementation of the update reveals no changes to the UI whatsoever, reaffirming the notion that this is one of the smaller updates which focuses on tweaking out the performance in a manner that is visually negligible. No details on the specifics of the update have been provided by Sony Computer Entertainment, which is disappointing.

The implementation of a new UI, or the addition of some new features would have been something that the community would have welcomed with open arms, but alas, all those people expecting stuff to function so will be disappointed by the new update.

Some users have claimed that the new update causes their Playstation to boot loop. The best way to work around that is to set your Playstation 4 to safe mode and select rebuild database, to ensure that your data stays intact, although this practice hasn’t been confirmed as working for everyone experiencing the problem.

PS4 fan? Xbox fan? Voice out your thoughts on this new update in the comments below!