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Optional PS4 Firmware Update 1.62 Released; Improves System Stability

Sony has released firmware update 1.62 for the PlayStation 4 which is purely optional. However, it does bring several “system stability fixes” so it’s always better to update your system to the latest number.

Weighing in at 336MB, the update brings “operation quality during use of some applications has been improved.” That’s the only new feature pointed out in the patch notes which means that the other changes are too minor to mention.

SuperFastZombie, the Twitter presence for Online Support Co-ordinator for the EN PlayStation Community, supported this saying that the patch is optional “because the changes are minor and wont affect interactions with PSN or other systems.”

If you’re looking to download update 1.62 through the internet with a USB stick, follow these links to the UK and US PlayStation sites to get the process started.

There are many other features that consumers have been asking for since the PlayStation 4 was released. It’s not like Sony has forgotten about the promised features, like a YouTube app, MP3 support, Pause/Resume options for games and etc. The company has said to be working on them and will release them in time. Hopefully that will not be that far in the future.

Source Twitter