Marc Whitten Leaving Microsoft – “Sonos” Will be His Next Stop

Microsoft has confirmed that Marc Whitten, the Chief Product Officer of Xbox, will be leaving the company.

He expressed how the Xbox was really special to him because of the amazing team that he had the opportunity to work with, and because he believed that the fans for the product were the most awesomest on the planet.

He further went on to say that the highlight of his career was working on the Xbox – a product that everyone loved. He also said that it was really tough for him to leave, but he was confident leaving the Xbox in the hands of a team he deemed talented and capable.

Whitten joined the Xbox team in 2000 and his role was an integral one throughout the life of the Xbox – spawning three generations of the consoles. Marc Whitten’s other achievement was the build up of the Xbox Live community to a significant level. Whitten will now be settling into the role of Chief Product Officer at the wireless audio company, Sonos.

Microsoft Studios’ corporate Vice President Phil Spencer also announced that he was pleased with working with Whitten for more than a decade. He went on to say that Whitten led Xbox forward while focusing on the fans and delivering a platform that developers and creators could embrace to deliver incredible entertainment.

He also wished Whitten the best of luck and expressed his excitement for this new chapter for the Xbox.

No direct replacement for Whitten has been announced, so currently his team will be reporting to to Terry Myerson, executive vice president who “oversees the teams building the software platform and experiences for Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox”, until a suitable candidate for replacement has been found. Myerson commented that he was looking forward to working with Yusuf, Phil and the rest of the team to look for a new replacement.

The announcement confirmed that the rest of the leadership for the Xbox will remain intact. All that remains now, is the question as to who will be the replacement for Marc Whitten, and what it means for the Xbox franchise.

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