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Lost Saga Open Beta Dated, Adds 15 Characters

Publisher Nexon Europe announced the date for the Open Beta of Lost Saga, which will start on April 24, 2014. Anyone will be able to participate in this massively multiplayer online (MMO) PC brawler.

In anticipation of the servers opening up, the company has taken to player feedback of the Closed Beta period. From there, they’ve announced that the fighting roster will be extended with 15 new characters, with mentions of a Reaper, Ninja Assassin, Monkey King, Zorro, Dartagnan, King Arthur V-Mechanic and Gladiator.

There will be two new environments to battle in, Angkor Wat and Construction Site. It probably won’t lower the culture and gold costs though. It’s not the same thing.

Perhaps more interesting for players, a few new game modes will be added as well. There is a new event called Deep Forest, Crusade (21Floor) and a Boss Raid to compete in.

Those who were already part of the Closed Beta will be granted a Hero Scroll, worth 3000Peso, which is the in-game currency. With this item, you’ll be able to unlock a new character for a brief period of time.

Using the scroll will allow between 2 and 30 hours of gameplay with the new fighter. Some select lucky players might even receive their characters permanently. Which unit you’ll receive and what time they’ll be available is determined at random.

If you’ve gained level 5 during the previous Beta event, you’ll receive one scroll during the first week of the Open Beta. Those who reached level 10 will get 2 scrolls for their trouble in the first week.