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League of Legends Patch 4.4: Kassadin Reworked as other Champions Get Altered

Today, Riot Games has releases the notes for League of Legends Patch 4.4 and among the list of changes to the LoL Client, a list of the champions has been tweaked and one of them, Kassadin has been reworked.

Everybody knows how ruthless Kassadin has been in the past, in fact, many a times the match became out of proportion due to it. Here’s how Riot Games explains they overcame the problem:

We opted for a full-on kit rework to reinforce his core theme as an anti-magic assassin with unrivaled mobility. These changes mean Kassadin must rely on his mobility to pick fights while finding opportunities to dive in and out of combat to take out targets.

It’s worth stressing: these changes are to make Kassadin less of a “blow someone up when you can” champion and more of a mobile attacker who wants to get in to fight while using Riftwalk to stay safe.

This comes in addition to at least five changes to the LoL Client, including game owners being labeled as ‘owner’ from now on also, you will no longer be able to accept an invitation while you are in a matchmaking queue.

There were three other fixes relating to invite system, reconnecting after restarting the client and re-clogging with an on-hold invite.

Moreover, Heimerdinger’s visuals have been updated while Varus’ Arctic Ops skin is going to go up with the patch and Thresh has been nerfed up. This is not it, and being the good Summoners that you are; you would like to read up on all the changes in detail.

Click here for the complete patch notes on League of Legends Patch 4.4.