Latest Steam Beta Update Adds “Virtual Reality Mode” Option

The latest update to Steam’s beta client has added a “virtual reality mode” option.

The previous “-vr” command line option has now been replaced with a button in the view menu. This however is visible to only those who have the SteamVR beta installed and have a VR headset handy. If you’re using say an Oculus Rift, Steam will detect the head-mounted display unit and hence show the “virtual reality mode” option to those with SteamVR installed. You can now quickly switch between the desktop, VR or Big Picture modes.

Valve is looking to embrace VR gaming alright; even though many of us still don’t have any VR head-mounted displays. It would be wonderful to see Valve showcase their VR technology during the ongoing Game Developers Conference 2014. However, if we’re sure of any such VR showcase, then that is from Sony’s side which is strongly rumored to announce its own VR head set. Let’s hope Sony doesn’t plan on announcing its VR tech at one of its exclusive events.

Last month an Iridium Studios developer tried out Valve’s Virtual Reality headset device and was awestruck with its magnificence. In his detailed report the developer, who on NeoGAF goes by the name of Feep, stated that Valve’s technology is “lightyears” ahead of the original Oculus Rift device. The technology at hand has “literally infinite” uses. “This is the future,” he said when signing off.

Source Steam