Latest EA Sports UFC Video Invites You to “Feel the Fight”

EA Sports has released the second in a series of UFC Gameplay videos. The latest titled “Feel the Fight” invites fans of the franchise to come forth and see first hand just how a fighter’s “body reacts to being pushed to the limit.”

Utilizing the new Ignite Engine, the latest UFC title features a new tone of realism. Body contact will send “shockwaves rippling through an opponent’s body” which in turn will for sure give players a sense of satisfaction of having connecting a lethal blow.

The new body physics also lay waste to the plastic feel in the previous installments which players got when fighting against seemingly action figures. In the latest UFC title, players’ bodies are more prone to deformation based on contact.

EA Sports UFC was announced last year during E3 and is scheduled for a release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this spring.