Killzone: Shadow Fall Lag Fixes Detailed by Dev, Switch to Wired Connections They Say

Many of us have experienced the Killzone: Shadow Fall lag issues. There have been many reasons behind it and one more that the developer has highlighted recently is the usage of wireless connections.

The developer, Guerilla Games made a post on the official website of the first person shooter detailing the reasons for the lag as well as the fixes that they have made to counter it.

The lead game tech Jorrit Rouwe has been spending extensive time with the people who are experiencing the ‘laggy kills’ owing to Killzone: Shadow Fall Lag issues.

A laggy kill is a kill that takes more than 0.5 seconds to register and according to Rouwe, your wireless connection could be the reason behind it. He insists that in such instances, you should switch to wired Internet connections.

The reason for this is that radio interference causes data to get lost much more easily on a Wireless connection. When that data happens to be your headshot, it takes a little while before the data is considered lost and is resent. This adds a couple of tenths of a second, and when the interference lasts longer (because, for instance, your neighbors are streaming a movie on their wireless connection on the same Wi-Fi channel) this process can easily cause a kill lag of a couple of seconds.

In order to answer the troubles, Guerilla Games has now switched all the US East servers to a new data center. Now popular warzones will get 99 percent of EU and US players, 96 percent of LATAM, Australian and Japanese players as well as 92 percent of Asian players.

The residual players will get shifted to the second closest region.

You may visit the official post in order to read up more about the Killzone: Shadow Fall lag fixes.