Guild Wars 2: Scarlet Dies With a Smile; New Aftermath Update Teased

The Living World storyline has been running in Guild Wars 2 since last year and earlier this month, the last concluding update was released. Players were tasked with taking down the villainous Scarlet Briar, her minions, and stop her plans of total annihilation.

For the past couple of weeks players have been battling Briar’s forces and now the battle is finally over. The evil that had been plaguing the city of Lion’s Arch has been vanquished but in the wake, everything lies in ruins. The enduring battle has scarred the lands across Tyria. The Breachmaker though – Scarlet’s enormous airship looming over Sanctum Harbor, is still active without a pilot and continues to drill.

What happens now? Is this the time to recover and heal? ArenaNet would say no. Scarlet may have died but did so with a smile. Her plans have not necessarily failed.

Players will now have to log back in to the game and face the “Aftermath” in a new update.

At long last, the siege of Lion’s Arch has been broken and Scarlet’s reign of terror is at an end. Despite Scarlet’s death, all is not well: Lion’s Arch is little more than a smoldering husk, citizens are still camped near Vigil, the Durmand Priory, and Stormbluff Isle, and the cost of victory was high.

Details are still sketchy but an accompanying trailer gives us a short teaser.

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