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GOG to Launch Linux Titles This Fall

Online retailer GOG has announced that it plans to add Linux support to its service and consumers should expect a new category of Linux titles once the service launches later this fall.

The statement comes as a surprise since last September, GOG spokesman Trevor Longino said the company wasn’t planning to offer Linux support. At that time he stated that “the architecture of Linux with many common distros, each of them updating fairly often, makes it incredibly challenging for any digital distribution company to be able to properly test the game in question, and then provide support for the release–all of which our users are accustomed to.”

Today’s announcement mentioned that GOG has been working on Linux support for the last few months. At least a 100 games for Linux platforms will be available at launch this fall which will not only include classic titles that ran on Linux originally, but games that never had official Linux support to begin with.

The GOG team is currently “hammering away at testing games on a variety of configurations” and so it’s difficult for them to reveal what titles Linux consumers can expect later this year.

“We can’t talk about what games will be a part of our on Linux gaming launch–in part because we, ourselves, don’t know what those games are–but we hope that you’re excited,” read the announcement.

Source GOG