Dead Rising 3 The Last Agent DLC Out Now on Xbox One

Up until now, the Dead Rising 3 expansions have been a little jaded. However, Capcom might want to avail their last chance at hyping up the game again through Dead Rising 3 The Last Agent DLC.

According to the schedule, The Last Agent is going to be the last downloadable content pack for the zombie based survival game and even then it was released pretty unceremoniously on the Xbox One today.

Destructoid has listed the contents of the pack which include six new kinds of weapons, another new vehicle and new story missions. This time around, the story of the DLC will revolve around a character named Brad Park, a ZDC agent who has stumbled upon certain dark aspects of his organization.

As far as the season pass holders are concerned, you guys should be able to download Dead Rising 3 The Last Agent anytime from now on, while others will have to purchase it separately. The quality of the content isn’t really clear at this moment but who knows it might actually be worth spending the money on.

Official word on the Dead Rising 3 The Last Agent DLC is scarce as there is nothing on the game’s website as of this moment. We shall be updating you with any new information that we receive.