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Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC Brings Two Handed Shield to Ward off Ballistics

For quite a while now, DICE has been trying to add an interesting new item to their first person shooter. Now, the upcoming expansion pack, Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC will bring you a two handed ballistic shield that will help you against the incoming line of fire.

How cool is that.

However, did you notice it is a ‘two-handed’ shield? Yes, it will be wielded with both the hands which is against what DICE itself wanted. Initially, the developer wanted to add a single hand shield so that the players could use a choice of hand guns with the other hand even for long distance combat.

On the contrary, they had to settle for this version of the shield according to senior animator Ryan Duffin. Duffin was talking to an animation bootcamp talk called “Using the Power of Layered Animation to Expand Premium Content in Battlefield 4″ at this year’s GDC where he discussed the item.

He explained that that all the approaches they tried, failed on the last generation of consoles because of a memory constraint. Now, they worked through three different approaches and settled for a two handed shield that the players will be able to melee with.

There was a lot of resistance at first. But the more we assessed it, the more we realized it was a better feature. It turns out that stopping bullets in a first-person shooter is a ton of fun. We’re confident that it will create a new dynamic for the game.

Imagine how beneficial could the shield be in squad based battles once Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC has brought it to you.