Amazon Set Top Box Could Actually be a Dongle with OnLive-like Game Streaming Features

Quite a lot is being said and speculated about the Amazon set-top box, otherwise referred to as Amazon Streamer by some. However, official information has been scarce as to the exact nature of the media streaming device.

To add to the heap of rumors, TechCrunch has reported that the Amazon’s device might actually be a Dongle.

According to unknown sources, the Amazon set top box will be akin to Chromecast in mattes of its form. Coming to think of it, this might actually be what is going on; the Chromecast has really attracted quite a lot of audience and ROku also launched a similar device. May be Amazon is looking for something similar.

It is also being said that the device will have the functionality to stream PC game titles which will bring it in competition with other major players like home consoles and gaming PCs.

The report goes on to say that the streaming services will take on elements from the OnLive game streaming services in contrast to the local streaming like Nvidia’s Sheild Android.

If all this is true it might not come as a surprise that the game titles that will be streamed will come from Amazon services; though the source also claims that they will be run at 30 fps.

Now let’s imagine how the Amazon set-top box, or Amazon streaming dongle – whatever they want to call it, will come to play with the recently leaked Amazon Controller.

What do you think?