Two Pokemon Battle Trozei 3DS XL and Persona Q 3DS XL Revealed

Who doesn’t want special-edition Nintendo 3DS XLs, but things get a little dull for people in the west when such offers are made only to the Japanese audience. This time around though, even the Japanese public at large won’t be able to get their hands on the newly revealed Pokemon Battle Trozei 3DS XL and the Persona Q 3DS XL.

Both the special edition handheld have been announced for the winners of a certain competition.

Serebii has reported that two models of Pokemon Battle Trozei 3DS XL will be obtainable through a competition at the Pokemon Daisuki Club.

The club in question is basically a fan based club in Japan for the Pokemon crazies. The winners of the Pokemon Daisuki Club competition go home with the special-edition 3DS XLs in question. See them above.

Sadly, this is the only way you can get your hands on the special edition handheld; they are not currently available on retail even in Japan. Something tells me people in the US shouldn’t get their hopes high on this.

Furthermore, there is the Persona Q 3DS XL which has been crafted in an argyle styled background and Persona art. It also has the cast of the game on its backside so you get acquainted with your characters even before you start playing.

Good news for the Japanese folks, this special edition will be sold on retail unlike the Pokemon themed 3DS.

How many of you plan to try and get your hands on either the Pokemon Battle Trozei 3DS XL or the Persona Q 3DS XL?