Tom Clancy’s The Division Gets Two New Artistic Images

In case the mega releases of Titanfall and Dark Souls 2 had kept you busy enough to miss out on information on some of the other major titles, here’s one for you. Tom Clancy’s The Division received two new images couple of days ago.

Developer Ubisoft shared the images on the official Facebook page of the game where in one of them the caption reads:

When everything collapses, your mission begins…

This image shows a fortified base that has been labeled ‘Zone B.’ it could be one of the quarantine zones of the game but from the looks of it, it seems quite formidable under the eerie lights around it. check it out above.

The second image was less of an artsy work; it shows two gunmen on a snow worn road, apparently in the middle of a cross fire. The caption also doesn’t give away much about the context:

In case of an ambush, who would be the last man standing in your team? Tag your friends and see if they agree!

the division

There are other screenshots that were revealed in the past, you can go visit them and see how the game’s world is shaping up with time.

The developer has confirmed Tom Clancy’s The Division for a release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but up until now, they have not given a specific release date – it is expected to come out in the last quarter of 2014 though.

Did you see the new screenshots, how did you like the visuals? Share your opinion in the comments section.