Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare – Garden Variety Pack Features New Map, Mode and More

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is getting a free DLC tomorrow that is termed both mandatory and hilarious. Called the Garden Variety Pack, players will be receiving a new gameplay mode called Gnome Bomb that in turn is set in a new map called Chomp Town.

Much like the rest of Garden Warfare, the 8v8 featuring urban map is full of colorful objects; graffiti ridden shops, multi-level restraunts and flashy buses. The map is designed around close-quarter combat with fast-paced action. Numerous sharp turns and choke points make Chomp Town a lethal setting where death can pounce any where.

The Gnome Bomb mode is basically the same as Obliteration from Battlefield 4, where a bomb is spawned on the map and both teams scamper to secure it. Here the bomb is strapped to the back of a hapless gnome and players must detonate the device at the enemy’s base.

While the new map is indeed centered around the Gnome Bomb mode, players can still play some of the standard modes on the map, including Team Vanquish.

The free DLC will also bring three new powers for each class, making it 24 new abilities to toy around in total. A couple of these were quoted in the press release; the Sunflower’s Solar Flare beam and Chomper’s Super Goop “which cements zombies in place and the All-Star Zombie’s Ultra Tackle.” New costumes and accessories for each class will also be present in the pack.

“This DLC offers a lot of new gameplay,” said producer Brian Lindley. “These layers affect teamplay and strategy while giving players tons of new ways to customize their characters.”

The Garden Variety Pack will be available to download on March 18 for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.