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Pikachu Will be Japan’s Mascot in FIFA World Cup 2014

Football is considered to be one of the most popular sports in the world. FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil is almost upon us which makes this year very special for the football fans.

Fans of the sport will surely be tuning in this summer for the biggest event in the Football but now a new announcement from Nintendo might make the gamers tune in as well.

Nintendo and Adidas have decided to collaborate to make Pokémon’ Pikachu an official mascot for the country of Japan in the World Cup.

The collaboration will also include some of the other popular characters like Electric Rodent, Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. The mascots in these suits will cheer for the team of Japan in Brazil.

This announcement shouldn’t surprise anyone because Nintendo did previously reveal that they are going to license their properties to the outside companies.

Currently Nintendo is struggling in the market but this kind of exposure can prove to be an extremely positive point for the organization. Pokémon is one the best games ever and has a huge fan following.

It may look a very corporate collaboration on paper but it does a very positive side as well. The fans of the game that have no interest in the sport will now have something to watch and it may increase the support for Japanese team.

What are your thoughts on this idea of Adidas and Nintendo? Let us know in your comments!