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Majority of Xbox 360 Owners Chose Playstation 4 Over Xbox One

Well, we did know that PlayStation 4 is outdoing Xbox One ever since both the consoles were launched in November, but why didn’t we question what was the reason for the unexpectedly high demand?

There must be somewhere that the additional console users deserted in order to join the ranks of PlayStation users.

Deal News held a poll that will shed some light on the matter.

According to the results of their poll, many of the people who owned both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 have ditched Microsoft and chosen to buy PlayStation 4 instead of Xbox One.

They surveyed a total of 1,727 users which is obviously a small number. However, surveys are used to get an idea of the average and for that, only a certain number of randomly selected people can suffice.

You can check out the poll results in the images shared by Dual News, but here’s a summary: in general, 31 percent people opted for PlayStation 4 as compared to 25 percent that chose to buy Xbox One. On the other hand, dual console owners polled that 35 percent of them deserted Xbox One for Sony’s console while only 23 percent went with Xbox One.

If these figures can be extrapolated to represent the community average, it would explain quite a chunk of the difference between the sales of Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Needless to say, this cannot be the only factor to have had an influence on the performance of the two consoles; there are other aspects like the price-tags and the available exclusive titles.

Do you agree that brand loyalty is decreasing among the Xbox users? And that this could be the reason why the sales of Xbox One were less as compared to PlayStation 4 sales?