Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XV Music to Get a Fully Orchestrated Album

If you are one of the crazy fans of the Final Fantasy series, you must be keeping track of every little bit of news that surfaces regarding the development of Final Fantasy XV.

Although what we have at hand this time doesn’t relate to the game itself, you will still be glad to hear that Square Enix is going to release a new compilation arrangement album featuring the Final Fantasy XV music.

The complete album is called ‘Memória – The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura’ and it is going to have songs from multiple titles.

The sixteen fully orchestrated songs include Omnis Lacrima from Final Fantasy XV music, Dearly Beloved from Kingdom Hearts and other songs from games like Legend of Mana and Super Mario RPG.

According to a post on the official website of Square Enix, the album will be released in the market on March 26. It will set you back ¥3000.

Here’s the complete list, pick the songs from your favorite games and enjoy.

  1. Dearly Beloved – Kingdom Hearts
  2. Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms – Super Mario RPG
  3. Kiss of Jealousy – LIVE A LIVE
  4. Ring of Revolving Fate – Heroes of Mana
  5. Elegie – Front Mission
  6. Vector to the Heavens – Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  7. Dragon Killer Medley – Legend of Mana
  8. A.Y.A. – Parasite Eve
  9. Pain the Universe – Legend of Mana
  10. Megalomania – LIVE A LIVE
  11. Song of MANA – Legend of Mana
  12. Goodbye Geno – Super Mario RPG
  13. Omnis Lacrima – Final Fantasy XV
  14. The Masked – Demons’ Score
  15. Kiss of Jealousy instrumental – LIVE A LIVE
  16. Megalomania instrumental – LIVE A LIVE

You may visit here in order to preorder the album so that you can listen to the Final Fantasy XV music as soon as it gets an orchestral version.