Kinect Sports Rivals Features Explained by Xbox Wire

People who have been following Kinect Sports Rivals and its arrival will be wondering how exactly the games will work in their full version. Folks at Xbox Wire are there to help, they have outlined the key features that will come to play once the game gets launched.

The champions are a super-you. Kinect scans your face (86 points in total) and presents to you a champion that is just like you. After you scanned copy is made, you can further customize it to look more like you.

In each sport you play with Kinect Sports Rivals, there will be a certain set of equipment that will provide power-ups to your character. Their effects will be different i.e. magnifying your abilities, hindering opponents, or protection.

Coins and Experience Points
The more you compete, the more coins you win – the higher your standing is in the sport, the higher will be your bounty. These coins will allow you to purchase more equipment while experience points will unlock prestigious items and eventually unlock new challenges. Earning XP depends on how much you please the crowd of course.

Level Up and Fans
You can become an elite champion in any one (or all) of the sports in Kinect Sports Rivals. As you continue to play, you will keep leveling up and as a result unique outfits and equipment will be unlocked. Also, the more you win, the greater will be your fan-following.

Xbox Live
The cloud based computing features will allow your champion to play on your behalf even when you are away. The avatar will use the same skill set that you have and maintain the same abilities that you do.

So what do you think of Kinect Sports Rivals? Could it really become the best past time activity for Xbox One users?