Home, the Indie Horror Game, is Coming to PS4 and Vita This Year

With the announcement of the PlayStation 4 Sony also revealed a greater acceptance of the indie scene; promising to bring a ton of indie titles on its consoles. Today we see one more title making the cut and that is Home, an indie horror-adventure title from Benjamin Rivers that was originally released for the PC in 2012.

The title will be ported to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita later this year and include all the previously added areas and updates from the PC version.

Posting on the PlayStation Blog, Rivers expressed excitement over the prospect of bringing his game to Sony platforms. The murder mystery title works out differently for each player. Featuring simplistic controls, every play through for every player is different and ultimately it’s you who decides what happened.

“Part of Home’s charm is that it’s entirely dependent on the player,” Rivers said. “It isn’t a march toward Ending A or Ending B — it’s the journey itself that is affected, as all your little choices subtly change how your character perceives the world around him. It’s a game that people love playing and then discussing afterward to compare notes and theories.”

Home is currently available for $2.99 through Steam on PC and Mac, as well as on iOS. The prices for the PS4 and Vita version have not been revealed yet.

Source: PlayStation Blog