Grab These Titanfall 5-Hour Energy Drinks While They Last

You can now recharge and prolong your Titanfall gameplay sessions by drinking specially branded Titanfall 5-hour Energy drinks.

Part of a new advertising campaign, the special edition Titanfall 5-hour Energy drinks are available exclusively at Wal-Mart and are on shelves for a “limited time.” The latter obviously means that the product is in limited quantities and unless it sells out within the day, Wal-Mart might not think to restock the item in the future.

The berry-flavored drink is being marketed as a means to help you focus more in the successful first-person shooter and sharpen those reflexes that will in turn help you out in scoring and surviving more.

Earlier today a report by NPD suggested that Respawn’s new title has helped boost the sales of Xbox One by 96 percent in the UK. Microsoft’s latest console has had a hard time in competing with the PlayStation 4 this year, with many opting for the cheaper option. Additionally the recent issue with the resolution gate has also helped steer the crowd towards Sony. However Titanfall has seemingly struck true to its mission of being a system seller.

The report by NPD did not mention exact figures but said that in the UK it’s about to catch up to the PlayStation 4. Titanfall already is the top title in the region’s charts, overtaking FIFA 14 by a large margin in less than a week.