Fable Legends Hero Rook Brings a Long Range Crossbow

Only recently, Lionhead stated revealing information about the playable characters of their Xbox One exclusive Fable Legends. After a video that showcased the playable characters, they have now detailed Rock, a long-ranged weapon bearing hero you can choose to play the game with.

The developer made a detailed post on their website where the past, present and capabilities of the crossbow wielding ex-Stranger were discussed.

He has an aura of someone who has been through stuff and on top of that, someone who is wise, less runny on his tongue and dangerous. Although the official website of Lionhead talks about Rook in great detail, one excerpt from the post summarizes him elaborately:

A born leader, Rook believes in honour, justice and the sort of sensible short haircut required for hand-to-hand combat. Now he’s down in the softer South, Rook sees it as his job to bring a little northern common sense to all things, and will speak his mind on this when he feels he has to.

Always direct and to the point, Rook is a man of few words (and the occasional hand gesture), but you will always know where you stand with him. You’d just better hope that’s not standing at the wrong end of his bow.

Fable Legends will let you choose heroes from among a long list of characters. A total of four heroes will make one team that will go up against a single human controlled villain.

How many of you have been keeping an eye out for Fable Legends? Now that Rook has been detailed, we are expecting Lionhead to go ahead and discuss more of the playable characters so that we know what our options will be.