Dungeon Defenders Is Now Free Through Games With Gold

Currently, Xbox Live Gold members can get Dungeon Defenders for free, as part of the Games with Gold program that rewards online subscriptions. You’ll be able to download the game for free until March 31, 2014.

Dungeon Defenders is a pioneer in altering the tower defense landscape. It was one of the first successful attempts to make this strategy genre more of a multiplayer affair.

In the game, you can team up with 4 players to defend your area. Outside of just building up different structures that stop monsters, you also actively control a certain character class.

Additionally, each player can also progress through a leveling system and other roleplaying game (RPG) elements. This makes Dungeon Defenders a lot more active than the otherwise passive tower defense genre.

While the game is available for free now, this comes without the inclusion of a lot of downloadable content (DLC). One of the other things Dungeon Defenders is known for is its many DLC releases.

There are four additional packs of DLC, costing $3.99 each. In just about any pack, you’ll be able to extend your gameplay with more campaign missions, boss fights, new items and even player versus player battlegrounds.

Previously, the Games with Gold program showed some love to more strategy games with the inclusion of Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution.

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