Beyond The Summit Dota 2 Studio Launches New Show and Tournament

The premier studio for Dota 2 related content has launched its exciting new project titled “In The Studio”.

The show will of course be about Dota related content, from news, to gameplay discussion and even funny stories, and it features not only the BTS but also interesting guests.

This episode featured a tour of the Studio house, which was impressively fan funded. After the tour we get a brief introduction to the new stats analyst Kpoptosis.

Then we get the guests: Synderen, ex-captain of the team mousesports who is now a full time caster talks about his new casting life and also gives some comments on the recent Team Liquid drama.

After that, Fear who is the captain of Evil Geniuses talks about his latest LAN victory.

Lastly, fan favorite Demon, who now plays for team Dog talks about his loss against EG, his live in Korea and also he and Merlini have an interesting gameplay discussion. These 2 then decide (and rightfully so) that Bloodseeker and Spiritbreaker are the weakest heroes in the hero pool.

Then LD jumps into the camera fray and announces a BTS organized Dota 2 Tournament entitled: “THE SUMMIT“. It will feature 6 of the best teams in the world competing for a prizepool of over $50.000. Two of these teams have already been announced and they are no more, no less than both fan favorites Na’Vi and Team DK.

The remaining four teams will be decided through online qualifiers, with two slots for North American teams, one slot for a European team and the last slot for an Asian team.

The best part about this tournament is that it will be completely run from the BTS studio house, giving players a lot more interaction between them to make it a better experience not just for themselves, but also for the entire community. The qualifiers will begin in early April and continue into early May.

To wrap up In The Studio, the founders LD and Godz together have done a very embarrassing performance of… no wait, I won’t spoil it, it’s funnier if you watch it yourself!

The first episode of In The Studio can be watched on their Youtube Channel.