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Titanfall Multiplayer Tips, Tactics and Strategy Guide

At the start of the game you will have very minimal options for your loadout and you will have to select one of the default ones available in the game.

After ranking up to level 38, you will have the option to select a Custom Loadout for your Pilot and your Titan with loads of Weapons and Equipment.

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Titanfall Multiplayer Tips, Tactics and Strategy

This is where you will have to choose (Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone) and try out different weapons and kits. Once you get to know how each weapon works in the game, then it’s your time to shine in the battlefield. Following are some tips for playing as Pilots and Titans.

When you start out in the game, you will come across the AI enemies, which are known as Minions. They are not a very sharp bunch, so they can be taken out really quickly.

These kills help you get your Titan on the field faster, and if you are playing Attrition Game Mode, these kills will earn you Attrition Points.

As a new player to the game, adjust your aim on these Minions and try to score headshots to get 1-shot kill. These Minions can be hacked by a Data Knife; if you manage to sneak up behind them.

Then comes the Pilots who are human players. Pilots are extremely agile and can fire from many different angles to take you out. When facing against them, always stay on the move and keep returning fire because there is going to be just one winner.

Be very careful while choosing your Primary Weapon and whatever you choose to mod those with a suppressor to stay off the mini-map. Pilots; even when they are not visible on the map, still can be seen jumping around far away in the heat of the battle.

Don’t just focus on one pilot or stay at one place. Stay on the move and you will keep coming across different enemies that can be taken out. Keep a close eye on the Titans that are about to be doomed, as soon as the Pilot ejects, be ready to take him down.

Arc Grenades are really effective against the Pilots because they blur their vision for a short time which allows you to kill them.

Titans are extremely strong and if you get close to them; you will die by being stepped on. So be very careful with each step when going against the Titans.

Battle against the Titan is not going to be easy but when you tackle them strategically, they can be taken out rather easily.

Titans will always be visible on the map because they are always shooting, go to the cover so you don’t meet them head on.

Always try to stay on the higher ground and whenever you spot a Titan, throw an Arc Mine to blur the vision and take advantage of the situation by sneaking up behind and attempt a rodeo attack. There are good chances that you will successfully take down the Titan once you do the rodeo attack.

There are Turrets available on the different maps which can be used in your favor to distract the Titan while you sneak up behind him and take them out.

The Cloak is your strongest Tactical Ability against the Titan because the visibility in the Titan is extremely limited and players are concentrating on what they can actually see. The Cloak will help you get in a close range with the Titan because from there, you can do Arc Grenade and Rodeo sequence to destroy the it.

All the Anti-Titan Weapons are extremely powerful and have unique advantages attached to them. Good teamwork can really help you take a Titan down. If all the Pilots in the same team attach with their different weapons, the Titan will go down very quickly.

While playing as Titans, the least threatening enemies in the Titanfall are the Minions but, by taking them out, you get your core ability working really fast.

Just make quick work of them and don’t let them surround you as they are equipped Anti-Titan Weapons and can do a good amount of damage.

Minions are obviously not your main target in the Titan, but if you need to get core ability online really fast, just see them up in the mini-map and blow them up with the ordnance you are carrying with your Titan.

Then you have to deal with the enemy pilots who are extremely agile, skilled, and can escape you in an instant. If they gain higher ground that it becomes extremely difficult to take them out. Titans are vulnerable to Rodeo Attack, so avoid it all costs.

Keep moving around and engage the Pilots from long-range. If they are on the ground in front of you, kill them.

Try taking them out with your Automatic Primary Weapon, with a high rate of fire, you will miss a few shots but, eventually, you will get it. If you get Rodeo Attacked by Pilots, use the Electric Smoke, and if you don’t have that, then you will have to get out of the Titan and take them out manually.

Beware when being locked on with the Anti-Titan Weapons, the HUD will warn you that there is a Pilot nearby trying to get the shot. Run to the cover immediately to avoid shield damage.

Finally, the Titan vs. Titan combat is very difficult and requires an incredible amount of skills. Titans do not survive for a long time when facing another Titan because of the powerful weapons for each of them.

To drain a Titan’s health, you will have to take down the shield first. You have to stay on the attack because if the Titan takes cover for a few moments, the shield will restore.

When you have taken down the shield then you can score the critical hits on them. The best bet would be to stay on the move and keep firing your Primary Weapon with the support from Ordnance.

Core Abilities are basically there to use when battling a Titan. Core ability of Atlas is called Core Damage, which increases the damage of all the attacks. With this ability online, try to get the critical hits to take down the enemy Titan.

Ogre’s shield ability gives more power to the shield so that you will be able to last longer in the battle, and Stryder’s dash ability can be used to dash around the Titan you are fighting to evade all the attacks and when it goes for a reload, take it down.

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