Titanfall Game Modes Tips and Strategy Guide

There is a total of five different Game Modes available in Titanfall with various objectives and conditions. Following are the details of all five modes available in the game along with some tips that will help you score a victory.

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Titanfall Game Modes Tips and Strategy

Attrition is a great place to start your journey in Titanfall. In this mode, the players in a team are rewarded with Attrition Points for every kill.

These kills don’t necessarily have to be Pilots; you can also take out the AI enemies known as Minions as they are easy kills. You will get one Attrition Point for killing a minion, four if you kill the Pilots and Five for taking down the Titan.

While playing in a team, you should act like one. At least two of the players should just focus on taking out the Minions while the other players should keep their focus on the Pilots. The quicker minions you kill, the quicker you’ll be able to access your Titanfall that would give you an edge over the other team.

Equip you Titan with the Arc Cannon as soon as it becomes available, as it fires the lightning bolts which will make quick work of the Minions.

Capture the Flag
If you have played any multiplayer FPS before then, this mode will seem very familiar to you.

You have to take the enemy team’s flag and take it to your base, and in the meantime you have to make sure that enemies do not steal your flag.

There are two rounds to capture the flag and after the first half, both teams switch sides. Each successful capture will earn you one point and at the end of the match; the team with the most points gains the victory.

Always keep your flag protected, throw some Arc Grenades and Satchel Charges around it so that anyone who approaches it, gets blown to death. Moreover, always keep one or two pilots at the flag to defend it.

Titans are the key to this match, do not waste them on killing the Pilots as it won’t be much of a help. Save them until you reach the enemy team’s flag and then call it in order to stay safe.

Stryder equipped with the Vortex Shield can be really helpful. Take the flag and dash back onto your base to score an easy win.

Hardpoint Domination
There are total of three system nodes in this mode known as Hardpoints. Capturing each hold will earn you points. The more Hardpoints you hold, the more is the speed of earning points.

In order to capture a neutral Hardpoint, just stand near it for few seconds. In order to retake enemy team’s Hardpoint, you need to make sure that there are no enemies lurking around because until you take them out you will not be able to take control of the Hardpoint.

Numbers also come into play in this match. For example, if there are three Militia Pilots in the Hardpoint area and two IMC Pilots, then the Militia will be able to take control of the Hardpoint.

Try to equip the Enhanced Parkour Kit as it will help you stay on the wall and will make it difficult for the enemy pilots to spot you instantly.

Always be ready to engage in the close-combat because this is the mode where you have to defend constantly so you always have to be on your toes

Titans are again very effective in this mode because one Titan in the Hardpoint Area will begin to neutralize the enemy’s hold on the Hardpoint and start capturing it for your team.

Last Titan Standing
As the name suggests, this mode is a battle of the Titans. The team that takes out all the enemy titans will gain the victory.

This mode requires the most team work of all. Strategically plan your attacks on different titans to get the Victory. There is no respawning in a single round.

There are some diversified weapons available for Titans Check full detail of them in our Titan’s Weapons Guide. Some Weapons do damage at a close range and some at the long range, there are different varieties available.

You will have to plan the Titans and their weaponry to get an advantage in the match. This is probably the best mode in the game but requires a lot of skill and teamwork.

Pilot Hunter
This is another awesome game mode for the players. In this mode, you just earn points for killing the Pilots. The Minions are also present in the game, but they will only help you in getting Titan out in the field faster.

The best way to play this mode is to stay sneaky, rely heavily on the suppressors and the Melee Attacks and do everything you can to not show up on the mini-map.

Be very careful in the Titan as now your life is worth a point, as soon as the Titan is doomed just eject and retreat to a safer place. You can use different Tier Kits that will help you in the scenario. Be on your toes and be aware of your surroundings.

Most of the players will be looking for a Pilot so try to blend in with the Minions to avoid getting spotted and get the kills whenever you get the chance.

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