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Ten New GTA Online Jobs Verified By Rockstar

The world of Grand Theft Auto Online keeps expanding thanks to the user generated content and the DLCs that Rockstar keeps releasing time by time. Another chunk of the former made it to the game recently as the developer has announced 10 GTA Online Verified Jobs.

Among the verified GTA Online Jobs that a post on the developer’s website lists, you will find point to point races that put you in emergency situations as well as battles for control over the power supply of the entire Los Santos region.

There are other jobs, though most of them are races but there are a couple of Deathmatches among the list too.

Rockstar has noted that the jobs submitted were a lot more than the ones they have verified, so here’s a rundown on each one of them along with the creators.

See if your creation made it to the ranks:

  • Around the Mirror created by Poklaan
  • Windy Hills created by Poklaan
  • Transformer Station created by pizza690
  • Hill Valley Cemetery created by pizza690
  • Desert Test Track 4×4 created by bongongta69
  • Farm Fresh created by Ma1evo1ent Cheese
  • Coupe D’état created by LuapYllier
  • Power Hour created by AnneSauceyFrank
  • Refuel created by Demon Low-Rider
  • The Hospital Dash created by SickeningStig

You may read up about them in detail here.

The developer has acknowledged that there are restraints on the total number of jobs that they could verify in one go; expect them to cycle out some of the old jobs along with the new.

Furthermore, the first batch of jobs (verified in December) will not be shown automatically in Freemode, but you will be able to get to them through the Social Club Jobs Page.

Which of the new GTA Online Verified Jobs are you going to try out?